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2 a 5 de março, @ Técnico

Centro de Congressos e Pavilhão Central

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What is Semana Aeroespacial?

Semana Aeroespacial is an annual event, which takes place in the Central Pavilion of the Instituto Superior Técnico and is hosted by AeroTéc - Núcleo de Estudantes de Engenharia Aeroespacial do Técnico, where the main objective is to allow IST students to contact companies in the Aeronautical/Aerospace sector. In this event, students can have opportunities to conduct internships and theses, when contacting the companies present.
Semana Aeroespacial Post 2020

Semana Aeroespacial:

It is part of Semana Aeroespacial:

It allows the exposure of companies to IST students, predominantly aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and computer engineering.

 Semana Aeroespacial 2020 Exhibit

Important speakers are present at the Congress Center of the Instituto Superior Técnico. Following lecture, there is a coffee break.

Semana Aeroespacial 2020 Lectures

For more practical, interactive activities with a smaller audience, Semana Aeroespacial Workshops allow for greater interaction between businesses and students.

Workshops Semana Aeroespacial 2020

Equipa Semana Aeroespacial 2020

Semana Aeroespacial is an annual event at the Instituto Superior Técnico.
As the main objective being the promotion of contact between students and companies, in 2020 we also worked to make known professionals with remarkable work in the sector, to make room for new emerging topics and discussions and to offer a component of learning and practical interaction through Workshops.
Effort, unity, commitment and motivation are the values on which our team is based, aspiring to inform, motivate and inspire all those for whom Space and Aviation are sources of curiosity.
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For Students:

- Contact with leading companies.

- Leactures by relevant speakers.

For Corporations:

- Contact with brilliant students.

- Advertisement.